Creating Personalised Wedding Favours

Finding that forever someone is an exciting part of life, and planning the wedding is one of the best ways to start off a promising future for the couple. They must decide on the venue, who will attend their ceremony and reception, and each of them will have to find their special outfit for the day. There are many more decisions they will make together, and they include such things as what to serve the guests, the flavour of their cake and the band that will play the music they have chosen.

The Ceremony

Many modern couples getting married have found they are not interested in the modern ceremonies available today, and there are still a lot of them who choose a traditional church wedding. While this is an important statement of their feelings, few of them decide to hold their reception on church grounds. Most churches do not allow alcohol, and some even forbid dancing. Couples might want a traditional ceremony, but the vast majority of them prefer to turn back to the modern world for their reception.

Planning the Reception

A wedding reception is a time of joy and celebration for the couple, their families and the guests they are inviting to witness their union. If it is a large wedding, they will often serve drinks, a complete meal and they will have a live band for dancing. It is a time when everyone is busy taking photos, having fun and sharing the happiness of two people who have decided to build their life together.

Traditional Elements

Many couples today have lavish wedding receptions, and most of them choose a mix of modern and traditional elements no matter how traditional their ceremony might have been. There are the important traditional elements they include like cutting the cake together, the first dance with their parents and giving their guests favours to take home with them.

Personalised Favours

There are many traditional favours the bride and groom can give their guests, but many of them want to do something special as well as personal. Wedding favours have become a new industry of their own, and giving guests something special to remember their wedding has grown immensely. One of the new ways couples do this is to give their guests glasses with their names and wedding date on it. In the past, this was too expensive for many because the glasses had to be etched. Modern methods have lowered the cost, and couples can now use glass decals and glass transfers to make it more affordable. Companies such as Siak Transfers can provide them with a personalised design to make it a memorable favour that guests will cherish for years.

Weddings are one of the more wonderful ceremonies in life, and they are a day to celebrate a couple’s start on a lifetime journey. Family and friends are there to share the joy, and they are also there to wish them a happy beginning on their new life. Modern or traditional, the happiness and joy are still the most important parts of this momentous day.